West Valley Head Hunters Plan To Run This Town

Speed Kills, Meet The Warriors Of The West Side

Talent is not a problem for the West Valley Head Hunters. They have plenty in every phase of the game. Offense, Defense, Special teams all feature game changing players from the line to the skill positions. Youth, they have that too, in large amounts.

Team owner Billy Media and Head Coach Rudy Mendez know their squad is legit. Their goal in 2018 is increase the week to week output and eliminate the peaks and valleys that plaqued them in 2017.

We will go into more detail and talk about some of the players that should help the Hunters swing that hatchet. So check back and get ready for the most exciting version of the Head Hunters ever seen. The 24th season of the Arizona Football League begins on February 24th 2018.

ASPN Radio 2-17-18 Dr Shawn Baker

Meat The Man That Wants To Beef Up Your Life!

50 + drug and hormone free athlete. Strict carnivore. Health care not sick care. He can out lift, out run, out work athletes half his age. His name is Shawn Baker an orthopedic surgeon that went on a mission to change health with food.

As you might guess, it was not a popular opinion within his industry. Now he is helping people regain their health, hope and passion for living.

He is our guest Saturday, February 17, 2018 at 8pm. Yes, it is a live radio broadcast on our favorite station, The Trumpet KXEG 1280 AM, 96.1 FM. To listen and watch online the link this paragraph.

To learn more about him visit these sites:
Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Carnivore TrainingMeatHealsnequalsmany.
On these sites you will find the testimony of the people that had their lives changed by following his advice.