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Junior College Football – Changing Lives
Kevin Pakos

I have known Ryan for over 20 years now. He has always been about family. He and his family reach out to the players, coaches and staff to encourage and uplift them. They extend their family each season as they meet the new players coming into their program.

Building relationships is what makes families strong. Teaching men why good relationships are a two way street is what the coaches in juco football are all about.

Coach Felker is not alone in pouring into the lives of the players. Every coach I know at the JC level takes the same approach.

In the Valley the staff’s at Mesa, Scottsdale, Glendale and Phoenix work overtime to help young men expand their opportunities. In the rest of the WSFL it is the same at Snow in Utah, Pima in Tucson, Western in Yuma and Eastern in Thatcher.

The list of former players that have gone on to four year schools is impressive. The way those men contribute to society in a way that touches lives and opens doors for others is staggering.

Please listen to my 2014 Arizona Sports Network Radio interview with Mesa HC Felker. It sums up why Junior College football matters, at every school in the WSFL.

Ryan Felker
“There were some guys walking around campus that were drowning. Being able to grab those guys, pull them out of the water and teach them how to be men and go to class. How much an education can change their lives, the lives of their children, their futures is something we really focused on.”

ASPN Radio June, 2014 interview with Ryan Felker