Swag Talk AzFL Jerry Ballard

Meet our new Coaches Corner weekly column Writer, Jerry Ballard. Each week he will give his opinions of the games and the rankings.

“My name is Jerry Ballard Jr. I was born and raised in Thibodaux, Louisiana a country town about an hour Southwest of New Orleans and I have been in Arizona since 2003. I have been playing football since i was 5 years old and I graduated from the mighty Gray and Blue Braves of H.L. Bourgeois High School in Gray, Louisiana. I played in Arizona football league in 2004 with the Sierra Vista/Cochise County Cavaliers.

I played in the league till 2007 when I moved to Phoenix to pursue my career in teaching and coaching football. I got an opportunity to coach some great kids and great players that have moved on to play ball elsewhere. I have been coaching in Arizona Football League for about 4 years. I have coached the Scottsdale Crusaders, Phoenix Eagles, Mesa Allstars, and Now I am coaching a great group of men with the West Valley Desperados. I have coached  previously at Barry Goldwater High School for 4 years were I was the varsity Defensive Line coach.

I have been blessed to meet and learn a lot from some of the greatest coaches I know in the game. I cannot thank Matt Pinnick and Dennis Moore for allowing me to learn from them and then allowing me to put what I know and what I have learned together to be a great coach myself. Now that I am back with my AZFL family I am enjoying the ride and enjoying teaching these kids the right way.”

Welcome to the Azfl Swag Talk. Home of the weekly predictions and rankings in the Arizona Football League. As we enter week three of the league and we already have had some shake ups in the rankings and some teams have had shock the league moments. This features some good games and the power rankings can shake up a lot. So please save all the alligators and swamp people cook-out till after the game is over and remember (Shock the league.) Here we go:

3/22/18 Week 5 Predictions

Welcome to the AzfL Swag Talk. Home of the weekly predictions and rankings in the Arizona Football League.  In the previous week we had teams that showed up and showed out. Then we had teams that just can’t get it together  but need to fix some problems fast and in a hurry before they find themselves out the playoff picture.

WEEK 5: Predictions

Game 1: CRUSADERS (2-2) VS DRAGONS (3-1)
The Dragons are coming off a great win over the Desperados. The Dragons finally had everything working together for a change and showed last week why they are in the playoff hunt and deserve to be in the running for the title. The Crusaders are coming off a great win also over the Mustangs. The Crusaders coaching staff looks like they have called a couple players out of retirement to come and help the team get back on track. We applaude you Crusaders for putting together a win by any means necessary. This should be a great game to see which team show up and show out.

Game 2: KNIGHTS (0-4) VS DESPERADOS (2-2)
Game 2: The Knights are coming off a tough schedule so for but are putting a lot of progress into the game. The Knights are getting better every week. The Knights are a very young team that is progressing every week. The Desperados are struggling right now in finding ways to score points. Once they do find a way to score points they will be a tough team to play against. They should find ways to move the ball against a young Knights team. But if Desperados struggle against the Knights it can be a Shock the league moment. PREDICTIONS : KNIGHTS 0 VS DESPERADOS 16

Game of the Evening. The Mustangs are coming off a tough loss to the Crusaders. The Mustangs are a very good team once they learn how to not let another team talk you out your game. The Mustangs are looking to get things back on track and beat another team that likes to talk you out your game. The Headhunters are cruising through the league right now until someone plays football against them and makes them stop talking while playing the game of football. Its ok to have fun playing sports. But at some point you have to humble yourself. PREDICTION: MUSTANGS 0 VS HEADHUNTERS 32

WEEK 5- POWER RANKINGS IMO in my opinion:

3/15/18 Week 4 Predictions:

Welcome to the Azfl Swag Talk. Home of the weekly predictions and rankings in the Arizona Football League. In the previous week 3 the old school teams in azfl.com showed the new teams that they represent the league by winning by a combine 99-6. Entering into week 4 the new world order is looking to prove to the old world order that they belong in the running for the championship for the Arizona Football League

Game 1: HEADHUNTERS 3-0 vs KNIGHTS 0-3
The Headhunters coming off a great victory showing the Desperados last week that they run the Wild Wild West. They are looking to keep the ball rolling with the facing the Knights this week. The Knights are coming off a very tough last week. One thing that I have noticed every week they are getting more and more players. Good Job Knights keep working and things will work itself out. Unfortunate you are facing a very hungry Headhunters team this week. PREDICTION: HEADHUNTERS-45 VS KNIGHTS-6

Game 2: The Crusaders coming off a very well all around game. The offense moved the ball and the defense got a shut out. Now that’s what I call team football. The Cru is getting better every week. The Mustangs are a team that also are improving every week also. They are coming off a tough loss last week but are looking to turn things around this week. This should be a very interesting game. PREDICTION: CRUSADERS- 22 VS MUSTANGS -18

Game of the Evening. Feature two teams that have been up and down this  season. These two teams have had weeks where the league has not figured out which team will show up. The A-Team, B-Team, or The D-team since they both start with the Letter. So this game will feature which team will show up the Dragons keep scoring points and blowing fire to the other team or the Puff Puff Puff Dragons. On the other hand which Desperados team will show up the ones that love to lay the smack down on defense or the one that is saying by halftime Where’s Waldo. This is the week that the two teams make a big move and stay one game out of first place or fall two games behind first in a very good League Race. PREDICTION: DRAGONS- 12 VS DESPERADOS- 7

Power Rankings, In My Opinion, IMO:

3/7/18 First Posting in 2018 – Wk 3: Predictions
Game 1: West Valley Desperados (2-0) vs West Valley Headhunters (2-0)

The battle of the Wild Wild West Valley as the West Valley Desperados who have shocked the league and are 2-0 with that shocking defense that have not allowed a single touchdown this season and have posted two shutouts already. They take on the West Valley Headhunters who are 2-0 and the Veterans of the league, they are looking to show the Desperados why they are ranked Number 1 in the league. These two teams have very good coaching staffs and we are looking forward to a good game that can either show the old school Headhunters there is a new king on the rise or the West Valley Headhunters can show the reason they are considered the king of the throne. Prediction says LSU 7-USC- 6 ooopppps wrong game. The offense that scores the most touchdowns and has the less turnovers. I would love to see the Desperados Shock the league this week.
Prediction: Desperados 13 – Headhunters 12

Game 2: The East Valley Knights(0-2) vs Scottsdale Crusaders The Cruuuuuuu(0-2)

Game two feature at the end of day that only one team will have a win. The Crusaders are coming off two hard fought games that they have only allowed 10.5 points per game which is a great start. The Knights also have had a hard fought game last week but both teams are still working on polishing up their game plans to get a win. This game will feature two key things. One, both teams will be working on polishing there game for a run at the azfl championship and the other will be the loser of this game will have to go back to the drawing board and fix it.
Prediction: Knights 6- Crusaders 16

Game 3: Phoenix Mustangs (1-1)vs Cave Creek Dragons(1-1)

Game of the night featuring the Mustangs Who are doing a great job at earning respect in the league and fighting hard every game now face the oldest team in AzFL the new revamped Dragons. This game should be a good one to watch with the Mustangs coming off the first organization win and the Dragons coming off the first lost of the season. Congratulation to the players and coaches for putting in hard work to get that hard fought win last week feels good to get that first win Mustangs. Now you have to keep it up when you face a hungry young Dragon team that is looking for a win after coming off a very tough lost to a team they hate to lose too. Life happens. Dragons it’s how you move on and finish the next week which is the Mustangs is in there way and hungry as well for another win. Prediction:
Mustangs 17- Dragons 22

Week 3: In My Opinion: Power Rankings: Headhunters Desperados Dragons Mustangs Crusaders Knights